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You can now find us at Churerstrasse 22 in Pfäffikon

With our move, much more than just our address has changed: from our larger, more modern premises, we can now offer you an even wider range of services for your individual needs concerning women’s health.

Welcome to your new gynaecology practice

In our new clinic, you will find an atmosphere of trust and openness.

We are here to support you through every stage of your life – in an empathetic, professional and trustworthy way.

This is us

Get to know us in our video. Our gynaecologists Dongjiao Yin, Solveig Gross and Shenge Ahmed introduce themselves and the services provided by our practice.

Our team - your team

dipl. med. Dongjiao Yin

Gynaecology and obstetrics, TCM

Dr. med. Solveig Gross

Gynaecology and obstetrics

Dr. med. Shenge Ahmed

Gynaecology and obstetrics

Tiffany Kistler

Medical practice assistant

Tanja Oberlin

Medical practice assistant

Karin Luther

Medical practice assistant

Giovanna Calendo

Medical practice assistant

Our Services


Holistic women’s healthcare

Concerns and complaints arise in all stages of life, from puberty through to old age. We cover the whole spectrum of gynaecological care.

Our services

  • Check-ups
  • Family planning/fertility
  • Contraception advice

  • Abdominal ultrasound using the latest technology, including 3D. Including as a second opinion

  • Diagnosis/treatment of bladder weakness and prolapse of the uterus. Including in collaboration with our colleagues from the Pelvic Floor Centre
  • Comprehensive diagnosis/treatment of breast complaints together with our specialists at the Breast Centre
  • Cancer aftercare

Diagnosis/treatment of

  • Menstrual discomfort
  • Menopause symptoms

Gynaecological operations

If you require an operation, we can perform it at the Spital Lachen hospital together with our experienced colleagues from the Gynaecology Clinic. We specialise in minimally invasive procedures, performing major operations through incisions as small as 3–5 mm. We attach great importance to organ preservation.  


Our services include:

  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopy with removal of fibroids and endometriosis
  • Operations for bladder weakness and prolapse of the pelvic organs
  • Surgery for breast cancer (Triemli-Lachen Breast Centre)
  • Reconstructive breast surgery

Accompanying you on your parenthood journey

Our holistic care includes advice and check-ups up to the birth of your child and beyond. We are certified in the field of antenatal ultrasound and have extensive experience in prenatal diagnostics.

Our services

  • Pregnancy counselling
  • Care for high-risk pregnancies
  • Ultrasound with the latest technology for prenatal diagnostics (nuchal translucency measurement, the combined test) and malformation diagnostics, including 3D/4D ultrasound
  • Midwife consultations
TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine

Experience for 2000 years

Traditional Chinese medicine is offered by our practice as a supplementary service. TCM has a long history in gynaecology and is often used to treat a variety of gynaecological complaints.


TCM as a holistic alternative or addition to conventional medical treatment:

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help alleviate symptoms, improve reproductive health and promote well-being in harmony with the natural cycles of the female body.

Dongjiao Yin has extensive experience in the field of TCM and has been practising it for many years.

TCM services

  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion


We serve as a reliable and professional partner for referring physicians. Your patients are in good hands with us and receive expert care and advice for all matters relating to women’s health. We attach great importance to establishing professional and mutually beneficial relationships with our referring physicians. We look forward to working with you, too, and are always happy to take new patients.

Breast disorders

Thanks to our specialist partnership with the Zurich Lachen Breast Centre and the Spital Lachen Gynaecology Clinic, we are a reliable partner for all diagnoses and treatments relating to breast complaints and disorders. We also ensure swift and expert preventive care and diagnostic evaluations, including second opinions.

Pelvic floor

We also offer specialist consultations for pelvic floor problems here in our modern practice, with specialists from the Spital Lachen Gynaecology Clinic regularly on-site.

Gynaecological care

Our specialist medical practice is dedicated to holistic women’s healthcare and offers your patients expert gynaecological care and support ranging from hormonal consultations through to specialist examinations and treatments.



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How to reach us

Our practice team will be happy to help you. You can reach us by phone or email.

We also welcome new patients!

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